Nooni the Cat's WishNooni the Cat's Wish

שם המחבר: ויקטוריה אדלר-שרון
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שם המאייר: צבי פדלמן
Nooni the Cat’s Wish is a book filled with imagination, wisdom, beauty and courage. Nooni realizes he’s no longer the center of attention. He sails off to ask experts what they think he should do to be happy again… and so his adventure begins…
Victoria Adler-Sharon, a senior nurse by training, and MPH (Master of Public Health) by education, is a writer and a poet who has so far published in Hebrew:
Red Blood-Blue Blood; Sharks are also awake at night; Crickety Thoughts; A new way of life;
A Place and Time to Be; A book of poetry corresponding with photographs taken from around the world, in collaboration with Victoria's husband, photographer Nissim Sharon.
Song Album – A Place and Time to Be; in collaboration with Nurit Hahn Siegler, singer-songwriter.
The Shoes from Blum-Blum Street – a children’s book, translated and published in English.
Zvi Fadelman, graduate of the Haifa WIZO College in Visual Communications, served as senior art director in various advertising firms. Decorated and illustrated over four hundred books, theatrical scenery, and presents hyper-realistic illustrations in exhibitions around the world.
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