Grandma's Cocoa TreeGrandma's Cocoa Tree

שם המחבר: עפרה שטנגר
שם ההוצאה: אוריון
שם המאייר: אינה קצב
In this book "Grandma's Cocoa Tree" Grandma goes back in time to the period when she was a young girl in nursery school and tells about her experiences, feelings, impressions and
her actions there. All this takes place in the early years of the 1950’s, in the Nachlaot neighborhood, which is in the heart of the Machaneh Yehudah market in Jerusalem. The descriptions of the neighborhood, the alleyways and the streets, and the throb of life there, are enthralling and heart-warming. "Grandma's Cocoa Tree" will bring to you the taste of nostalgia - all this accompanied by the wonderful illustrations of artist Inna Katzeva.
Ofra Stanger was born in Jerusalem and was an early childhood educator for thirty-three years. In addition she is a needlework artist, specializing in works of Judaica. "Grandma's Cocoa Tree" is her second book. Her first children's book, Grandma's String of Pearls, is loved by both children and adults alike, and it too was translated from Hebrew into English.
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