At Orion-Books Publishing House, we love books, writers and readers.
Writers will find atOrion-Books everything they need in one place: From initial reading, choosing and crystallizing of leading ideas, through editing and proofreading of final version before printing and until bringing the book, designed and completed, for distribution to every book shop.
Readers will find in Orion-Books quality and punctiliousness in every aspect – contents, designing, producing and printing. Atthe Orion-Books Bookclub, they will find up-to-date information about all our books - new releases and old classics.
All books that are part of the Orion-Books familyreceive the optimal holistic treatment: lecturing services, content and copy editing, graphic designand illustrating, cover design, page layout and printing, in addition to the diverse marketing channels, advertising and public relations efforts we bring in order to, promote, exhibit and sell in Israel’s world-famous Book Week celebration held all over the country in the spring.
Our books are sold at Israeli’s premier bookstore chains: Steimatzky, TzometSfarim and many other book shops in Israel.
Corporate Profile
Orion-Books is a quality publishing house with an original approach and a warm home for both writers and their books. We give our customers the most personal, professional, uncompromising, fair and reliable service and keep the writer involved throughout the entire publishing process.through.
Orion-Books was founded in 1999 and is managed by Orly Levy, an experienced copy editor and publisher of books and magazines.
Orion-Books publishes a wide variety of books, including children’s books, cookbooks, novels and thriller  books, travel guides, nonfiction and guidance books, documentation books and biographies, poetry, professional literature.
Orion-Books set an aim to serve as a proper literary stage for high-standard writers, who make their first steps in the field, as well as for experienced and well-known writers.
Orion-Books offers the writer a wide range of services:
  • Meetings for advising and guidance about the manuscript, as well as a personal and professional response for every question concerning writing and publishing.
  • Lectoring services, literary editing, copy editing and proofreading.
  • A punctilious graphic designing, alongside illustrations by a wide range of professional and appreciated illustrators.
  • Publishing with no delay, immediate work in a warm and amiable atmosphere, personal treatment and transparency.
  • Distributing services to all bookshops and book networks throughout Israel, as well as public relations, advertising, displaying in all the libraries, cataloguing etc.
  • Displaying the books in a private book shop managed by Orion-Books.
  • Organizing book launch events at Orion-Books site and book shop.
More at Orion-Books
  • Writing and editing workshops.
  • Composing and music production services.
  • Electronic Books.
  • Editing and producing magazines/
Orion-Book Club
Welcome to Orion-Books Club! Club members get additional reductions, an up-to-date information about our new books, recommendations on good books, invitations to literary events and a gift-book on every purchase.

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